The Brain Exchange is an Australian podcast starring the multi-talented and universally adored Ben and Michael. Ben is an author who speaks Latin and Michael is a Psychology student who makes a podcast called Brain Exchange with Ben who is an Author who speaks Latin.

The podcast focusses on a broad range of topics under the general heading of “Scepticism (A.K.A. Skepticism), Nerd Culture and Humour”. We try our best to remain deep and relevant whilst never straying far away from a few laughs.
The podcast thus far has discussed issues such as post-natal abortion, DRM and piracy laws, 90’s video games, 2012 and the rationality of the new age movement, whether spirituality actually holds any practical value, gay rights, console gaming vs pc gaming, the dangers of irrational thinking, goatse and much much more.
Every week we are always looking for new studies to debunk, crazy ideas, new controversies and new ways of looking at the world. Ben and I are both very different people, but not as different as you dear listener. If you want a podcast that is a comedy, is funny, is science based, is skepticism, then come to the  Brain Exchange Podcast.



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