Brief Hiatus

Hello, Brain Exchangers!

Here at Brain Exchange World HQ, we’re sure that all of our listeners (recently styled “Brain Exchangers”) are looking forward to the next episode of the podcast: EPISODE TEN. As you may know, this will be the final episode of season one.

You may be asking, “why are you making this post? Where is episode ten? Why are you touching me there? Please stop touching me there.” You may even have a point — though that last one wasn’t really a question.

So why am I making this post?

You may have already deduced the purpose of this post from its title. If you haven’t yet, don’t be sad; you still have a chance to go look at the title now before I reveal it, so you can still claim that you figured it out all by yourself! I’ll even wait a minute. Well I won’t, but I’ll put some ellipses here to suggest a pause. Really, it will take me less than a second to type the ellipses and then I’ll move straight on, but it also has the added advantage of giving a nice visual break so you can find where you were more easily… … … … there.

So, as you have almost certainly deduced by now, the podcast is having a brief hiatus from now until 22 June (which should be easy to remember because it’s the Belarusian Day of Remembrance of the victims of the Great Patriotic War, obviously). This is because Michael has exams. Yeah, sorry, the reason is really that boring.

Rest assured, we will be back to work as soon as Michael’s exams are over. So brace yourselves, because some time after the 22nd of June 2012worlds will collide! Wait, no, the final episode of season one will be released.

Following that, stay tuned, because season two is going to be off the proverbial hook, as I’m led to believe the kids are saying these days.

Also, Michael would like to let you all know that he “loves cock”.

– Ben xoxo

Update (12 July): Sorry for the wait, everyone. After Michael’s exams finished, he selfishly decided to have wisdom teeth that needed removal and so we’ve been unable to record a new episode.

But fear not! We have already worked up part of episode ten and should have the season one finale out soon(ish).

There’s also a lot of other exciting whatsits and thingermajiggers coming Brain Exchange way so stay tuned!

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