Back on Topic!

Dearest Listeners,
Over the past few episodes, you may have noticed we have been staying away from the more serious, audacious and controversial topics in an exchange for lighter and nerdier humour. Despite our blaming of each other for this, we have actually been in the process of finding our direction for Brain Exchange. In light of this, Ben and I have done some research and planning and have decided to put more planning and research into Episodes 8 through to 10 of this season. You can expect more scepticism, more topics and more of the classic humour you all know and love.

We would both like to welcome all the new listeners to the Podcast, and thank our regular listeners for your continued support. In the past week, our listener base has increased exponentially and we are really appreciating the feedback we have received from you guys. We hope you enjoy the episodes to come, stay tuned and get involved with our Facebook, Twitter and Google +!


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