Brain Exchange – Episode Two

Brain Exchange – Episode Two (Perma Download Link)

The second episode of the thrilling Brain Exchange Podcast. Staring Ben and Michael.

Articles and websites discussed in this episode come from the following:
Why You Should Adopt (and Not Create) Children
Montana Meth Project
Caramelldancen Video (10 hour)
Wiktionary entry for pussy

6 thoughts on “Brain Exchange – Episode Two

  1. As usual, this podcast fails to deliver. Just awful. On top of being uninteresting and unfunny, both of the presenters manage to make several flagrant mistakes throughout the recording.

    For example, at one point, the girl says that Stalin used Photoshop before it was “a very big thing.” Well I’m sorry to say that Stalin actually died DECADES before Photoshop was even a twinkle in Steve Jobs’ eye, so I’m not entirely sure where you gathered your information, but I can safely say that it’s wrong.

    Secondly, Brian, at one point, said that he was “Caramel dancing”. Wrong again, Brian. Caramelldansen translates to “the Caramel dance”, not “Caramel dancing”. -en is an inflection to denote definiteness in Swedish. So you’ve embarrassed yourself there.

    I’ll look forward to your third and fourth episodes, which I’m sure will be just as droll and horrible to listen to. Oh, and

    Signed – Ed.

  2. Thanks for the discussion of my article. My name is Arabic (I was raised in a Muslim family). It is pronounced (with no stresses on any syllable) “tar” (as in what cars drive on)-“rick” (short for Richard). It rhymes with “sorry”. And it’s just “moosa” – as in moose with an “a”. Not that it matters now, I suppose!

    I liked hearing you both work through the counter-arguments. I didn’t hear anything that undermines my argument, though I did like your discussion on the problems of adoption as a system. However, just because there are problems with the system of adoption does not delineate from the overall ethical obligation I’ve highlighted and which you did, too. Furthermore, I would’ve liked to hear why you think it necessary to have children at all.

    Regardless, thank you very much for discussing it. I really appreciate it and it sounds like your podcast is continually improving. I will certainly plug this on the original post and look forward to hearing more of your discussions.



    • Hey Tauriq,
      Ben and I were both very pleased you listened to and replied to our Podcast. We both love your work and have actually mentioned you in several other episodes by memory. We have addressed your question regarding why we think it is necessary to have children at all in our latest episode (Episode 8) which is due for release tonight.

      Cheers Heaps,

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